invest in your career

How Much Did You Invest In Your Career Last Year?

How much did you personally invest in your career last year?  On average, British people work around 90,000 hours in their lifetime (Independent Newspaper Report). That is almost a quarter of our lives! 

Your work is not an independent slice of your life – everything we do in our lives is interconnected.  If you are unhappy at work, you are likely to feel unhappy even when you are not at work.  If you want more out of life, or to live your life differently, your career will be a significant consideration in enabling that.  So isn’t it worth investing in your career?

In the UK, we are no strangers to investing in mind, body and soul.  Take holidays and our appearance as a couple of examples.  Research has shown on average, we Brits invest a fairly significant sum each year.  How does this compare to what you have invested in your career each year?  

invest in your career


invest in your career

There are huge benefits to taking holidays.  It is an opportunity to de-stress, relax, spend time with the family, explore and learn about new places.  There is no doubt that a holiday is a worthwhile investment in mind and spirit.

According to Nationwide’s 2018 Spending Report, we Brits can spend up to a quarter of our annual disposable income on trips away each year.  The data reveals that we go on holiday an average of twice a year, at a cost of £855 per person each time, with 23% even spending £1,000 or more per holiday.  So the average spend per person is £1,710, and almost a quarter of people spend £2,000 or more each year.


invest in your career

Investing in your appearance has many social, health and psychological benefits.

A study by Groupon in 2017 revealed that the average British woman spends £70,000 on her appearance in a lifetime.  That equals £1,352 per year!  That cost includes a wide range of products and services such as hairdressers, nail, eyebrow and lashes technicians, clothes, makeup, beauty products, gym memberships etc.  And a bit of Googling reveals plenty of surveys and reports that indicate men often spend more on their appearance than women!


invest in your career

So what about investing in your career?

Benefits of investing in your career include helping you to develop a sense of purpose and building your confidence.  Investment can help you to understand your strengths and values so you can capitalise on them.  It can enable you to make changes so you are happier and more fulfilled at work which will spill over in to your personal life.  And for some, investment allows the  possibility to grow and progress to earn more money, so you can take bigger/better holidays!

Just think about how much you would benefit from investing in your own personal growth and the knock on effects it could have on other aspects of your life now and in the future.

There are various ways you could invest in your career.  You could pursue a further academic or professional qualifications, join a professional body, participate in industry or professional groups on LinkedIn, attend webinars or conferences relevant to your field of work and the list goes on.  A more comprehensive investment that could help you define what and how you could do all of the above and much more is career coaching.

Why invest in career coaching?

You will build your confidence and recognise your own value
invest in your career

As a career coach, I will work with you using a variety of tools and exercises to identify you strengths, abilities, development needs, values, preferences and motivators.

In doing so, you will gain insight into the unique combination of skills, experiences and value that you bring to the table. I will help you think about what you want to do with what you have to offer so you can articulate your story clearly and have the building blocks for a powerful CV.


Self-reflection leads to self-awareness and this is the basis to feeling confident to answer questions about yourself, your career and what you have to offer at networking events or in interviews.  And the more confident you are, the more credible you will be.

You can grow your career or launch a career in a new field
invest in your career

Once you are clear and confident about who you are and what you have to offer, I will work with you to establish what it is that you want.  How do you want your life to be?  What is on your career wish list? What does success and satisfaction look like for you.  Do you want to create an entirely new life with a different career?  Or do you want to prepare your self to move to a different or bigger job in the same field? Do you want to be employed, become self-employed, start a business?


We will brainstorm a long-list of options, thinking about what kind industry sectors, organisations do you want to work for, and what kinds of jobs do you want to do.  Then we will work through this long list to sense check them against your career wish-list and your own skills, experiences and values.

You will set goals and build an action plan to accelerate or transform your career
invest in your career

Using everything you have learned so far, I will coach you through deciding what your goal is, what steps you need to take to achieve it, what support and resources are available to you and what obstacles you may come up against and how you will over come them.  Exactly what this looks like will depend on your goal.  We may work on your ’elevator pitch’ or other practical exercises to prepare you for job applications, or we may need to work through a longer term plan to get you to the stage where you are preparing for interviews.

I will keep you accountable and motivated
invest in your career

Career coaches are a bit like personal trainers.

I want to help you to achieve your goals and realise your potential. I will hold you accountable, challenge you and motivate you.

When you have committed to a goal and actions to someone else, it is much harder to ignore them!

You will gain lifelong career skills
invest in your career

You will learn a great deal about self-reflection, various tools, exercises and techniques for raising self-awareness, career management skills, goal-setting and much more when you participate in a career coaching programme.

You can continue to use these skills for managing your career, or for other big decisions you may need to make long after your programme has finished.

So is it an investment worth making?

I truly believe it is, especially if you are at a crossroads, stuck, need change but don’t know what or how.  Think how much you spend in a year on holiday, your appearance and even things like eating out, takeaway coffees and other luxuries.  Is investing in your career really a luxury?

Contact me if you would like a free, no obligation 20 minute chat about your career to see if you would like to work with me.

Invest in yourself; invest in your career
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