The Career Bounce Back Programme is now open!

Bounce Back from Redundancy

A career crisis can be daunting, but it could be an opportunity

If you have been made redundant, taken a career break, feel stuck and unable to progress or found yourself in the wrong job or on the wrong career path it can feel overwhelming.  It can knock your confidence, it can cause you to worry and the thought of searching for a new job can feel like an insurmountable task.  You do not need to go through it alone.  I have around 20 years experience working in HR, specialising in career and talent management.  I have put together a programme that will give you structure, confidence and expert support, advice and practical tools to help you take the next step in your career.

My Career Bounce Back programme is designed to boost your confidence and to guide you through the process of updating your CV and LinkedIn profile, planning your job search and preparing for interviews.

There are two options for the programme to cater for various budgets.  One option is self-directed learning.  You will work through a series of practical exercises whilst having the opportunity to interact with me and other participants in the Facebook group. The second option is the self-directed learning modules supported by four one hour one-to-one coaching sessions.  With the second option, you will have 2 career coaching sessions with me, 1 confidence coaching session with Claire  of empowerfulpeople and 1 image consultation session with Natasha of Appearance & Attitude.

Whichever option you choose, you will have access to a private Facebook group with other people who are following the programme.  The learning modules are all hosted in a private Facebook group, so you will need a Facebook account in order to participate.

The programme is designed for people who want to get going with their next career move.  You can work at your own pace but it is anticipated that he whole programme should take you between 4 – 8 weeks. Once you have completed the programme, you can remain in the group for as long as you like.

Those who want to take more time out and have a more comprehensive deep-dive into their career and make significant changes, may be better suited to my Career Transformation Programme.

Programme Overview

What You’ll Get

– Regular Facebook Live sessions or group Zoom sessions  which will be recorded and shared in the private FB group.  These sessions will be hosted by me and by guest experts such as Confidence Coaches, Recruiters and Image Consultants to give you professional hints and tips.

-Structured learning units containing advice, guidance, exercises and tasks to build up your profile and your plan

-Access for as long as you need to a private Facebook group with other people who are working through the programme

-Access to me via the Facebook group if you have questions or need feedback.

PLUS for those following the coaching option:

4 hours of one to one coaching and support: 1 hr early-programme coaching session with a Confidence Coach, 1hr career coaching session with me mid-programme , 1hr session with an Image Consultant to prepare you for interviews, 1 hr general interview prep and practice session with me.

What You’ll Create

By following all the exercises and tasks, you will build your confidence and create what you need to conduct a successful job search

-Detailed insight into your own strengths, development needs, values, behaviours, motivators and preferences for working environments

-Your ‘Elevator Pitch’ and variants of it to use on your CV, in cover letters and  at interviews and when networking

-A clearly presented, CV focused on selling your strengths and achievements

-A professional and relevant LinkedIn profile with strategies to leverage it

-A clear picture of your capabilities with examples to use on application forms and in competency based interviews

-A list of companies, industry sectors, job types to target and a smart plan to target them

Your Investment

The full programme via self-directed learning

The full programme with 4 hours one-to-one support

Email me to arrange a free 20 minute chat about your career challenges and how I can help you.