My targeted career coaching programmes are for people who a looking to resolve a specific issue or make a specific decision.

Targeted Coaching

You may have a promotion in your sights and need coaching and support to get ready to go for it, or you may wish to prepare to have a difficult conversation or negotiation such as asking for a change in your work schedule or compensation package.  Or you may wish to set some other kind of career objectives.

This is a completely bespoke programme, tailored to your needs.  As a qualified, experienced career coach I will ask you questions, challenge you and support you to clarify your goal and to make a plan to achieve it.  Find out more about me.

What You Get

-Coaching tailored to your specific objectives

-A targeted, affordable approach to improving your career

-3 x 1 hour one-to-one coaching sessions via video call over the course of approximately 6 weeks.

Your Investment


Payment in instalments option available

Email me to arrange a free 20 minute chat about your career challenges and how I can help you.